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My name is Tihomir Radev (Tihomir RAdeff on some social networks). I make Android apps and games, iOS apps and games and Android and iOS programming tutorials on YouTube. You can find some of my work below. If you want to contact me, you can write me on my email:

66 Santase
Classic Card Game

This is card game played with 24 cards. In some countries it's called "Sixty-six", "Santase" or "Schnapsen". See how to play and rules of the game in game help or over the internet. The game is known in different variations. You can customize your settings according to the rules you know (start with 20/40 or not, declare 20/40 with queen only or both - queen and king, show or hide opponents points...). Change the game look according to your needs. Everything is in your hands. Enjoy with improved AI and the best card game experience...

Bulls Cows
Classic Number Guessing Game

Bulls Cows (also known as Cows and Bulls, Pigs and Bulls, Bulls and Cleots or Mastermind) is a number guessing game. In some countries is played with colors or words but in this version you must break the code with numbers. At the start of the game, android generates a random number. You must guess that number. Every of your choices gives you bulls and cows. Every bull is a guessed digit in the original number and every cow is a guessed digit but misplaced. For instance if the random number is 259 and you guessed 329, result is 1 Bull (digit 9) and 1 Cow (digit 2). Try different difficulties and enjoy! 

Dice Game 10k
Classic Game With 6 Dice

Dice Game is a game with six dice. At the start of the game you roll them with clicking the button or shaking your phone. Different combinations gives you different points. If you like combination you take it, if you don't you can roll again, but it's possible to lose your current points. You decide your tactics!

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